Marine Paint Protection Film

Coastal Yacht Detailing is also the only certified and authorized installer in the area for XPEL, the global leader in paint protection film technology.

Shield and preserve your watercraft inside and out.

Preserve your watercraft inside and out with XPEL Paint Protection Film. Shielding your vessel from the harsh elements, potential damage from sandy feet, wear, and tear on interior surfaces like countertops, and more – our film ensures long-lasting protection while maintaining a flawless appearance.

XPEL Paint Protection Film

XPEL Paint Protection Film is the perfect solution for your prized possessions both on land, and at sea. Highly utilized areas are subject to scratches, nicks, spills, and stains. From high gloss teak wood, to marble, granite, and quartz, XPEL Paint Protection Film will keep surfaces looking brand new!


Keep surfaces protected against chips, nicks, and scratches with our optically clear paint protection films.


With advanced topcoat construction, ULTIMATE PLUS will eliminate light scratches & swirl marks when exposed to heat.


Our high-performance films are designed to maintain clarity when exposed to diverse marine conditions.

Additional Ceramic Coating Applications

XPEL fusion can


Keep your watercraft interior clean from the first day. FUSION PLUS offers stain resistance, helping retain factory feel and original finish.

window tint on a boat


FUSION PLUS helps keep glass surfaces & windows cleaner, while protecting against staining or chemical etching.