Marine Paint/Gelcoat Correction

Restore and Rejuvenate the Paintwork of Your Boat and Eliminate Surface Imperfections

Paint correction, as the name sounds, is the process of restoring the paintwork of your boat. Paint correction treatment’s goal is to remove any scratches, dullness, and imperfections. Paint correction treatment uses machine polishing and polishing products to buff away these imperfections, ultimately restoring your boat to its original beautiful state. Paint correction is a labor-intensive process that usually takes up the most time during the detailing process.


Let's Start with Paint Defects

The truth is, many owners may not even know whether their vehicle requires any correction services. At first glance, a car may appear glossy and free of defects. Upon further inspection, however, there can be more than meets the eye.

The majority of the time, the scratches are on the top layer (clear coat) and therefore haven’t actually damaged your paint yet. Over time, however, the clear coat scratches will continue to wear down until it reaches your paint base coat, which is where touch-up paint comes in handy.