SeaDek Flooring

SeaDek is an excellent alternative to marine carpet and traditional marine flooring. Designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the marine environment

Coastal Yacht Detailing is also the only certified and authorized installer in the area for SeaDek.

SeaDek is a revolutionary product utilized not only by the top boat builders in the marine industry, but also in the aftermarket by boat owners seeking custom products. Made from closed cell PE/EVA foam, SeaDek products offer safe and comfortable alternatives to marine traction products currently on the market. Easy to install and customizable, SeaDek replaces the need for molded in non skid, saving OEMs time and money during the manufacturing process.

Formulated with an acrylic based high-bond pressure sensitive adhesive, SeaDek’s robust peel and stick application lends itself to easy installation that requires no mounting of hardware. SeaDek is available in a variety of textures, thicknesses, and colors; providing virtually endless customization. In addition to our standard options, SeaDek offers premium options such as triple lamination, custom routing, static laser logos, full sheet laser patterning, and more!

SeaDek can be tailored to fit endless applications on nearly any type of boat. Some of the other benefits SeaDek offers include:

  • Exceptional traction, even when wet
  • Unparalleled comfort when standing, walking, or leaning on boat surfaces
  • Shock absorption, which decreases fatigue
  • Protection for boat surfaces against scratches, chips, and dents
  • Noise reduction characteristics – ideal for fishermen

If you have a boat, you have a place for SeaDek!

Marine Flooring Installation Gallery

Color Options

If you’d like to see how any of our color options look together, please utilize the design preview feature available on any of our Made to Order items!

Caribbean Blue

SeaDek Caribbean Blue

Bahama Blue

SeaDek Bahama Blue

Bimini Blue

SeaDek Bimini Blue

Olive Green

SeaDek Olive Green

Seafoam Green

SeaDek Seafoam Green


SeaDek White

Cool Gray

SeaDek Cool Gray

Storm Gray

SeaDek Storm Gray

Smoke Gray

SeaDek Smoke Gray

Dark Gray

SeaDek Dark Gray

Midnight Black

SeaDek Midnight Black

Beach Sand

SeaDek Beach Sand


SeaDek Cream


SeaDek Camel


SeaDek Mica


SeaDek Terra


SeaDek Cappuccino


SeaDek Mocha


SeaDek Chocolate

Ruby Red

SeaDek Ruby Red

Sunset Orange

SeaDek Sunset Orange

Sunburst Yellow

SeaDek Sunburst Yellow

Island Green

SeaDek Island Green

Snow Camo

SeaDek Snow Camo

Aqua Camo

SeaDek Aqua Camo

Desert Camo

SeaDek Desert Camo

Army Camo

SeaDek Army Camo

Texture Options


SeaDek Storm Gray Brushed


SeaDek Storm Gray Embossed

Thickness Options

Most colors are available in multiple thicknesses. They may be a single color or a combination of any two colors laminated together. Teak patterns can be added to any two or three-color combination via routing. Below is a list of all thickness options and their uses.

Our most popular thicknesses:

5mm (.20 in): Single color, provides traction with moderate cushion

SeaDek 5 millimeter thickness
6mm (.24 in): Our most popular two-color thickness. Great balance of traction and comfort

SeaDek 6 millimeter thickness
9mm (.35 in): Three-color thickness. Perfect for projects where you want additional personalization

SeaDek 9 millimeter thickness

Also available:

3mm (.12 in): Single color, provides traction with minimal cushion
10mm (.39 in): Single or two-color, most often used in dual layers to manufacture coaming bolsters
13mm (.51in): Two-color, great for helm pads or cooler tops
20mm (.79 in): Single or two-color. Maximum comfort for helm pads, coolers, and coaming bolsters.
Also available in Dual Density for advanced comfort (Only available in Black, Storm Gray, or White as a bottom color)
23mm (.91 in): Our thickest material, commonly used for two-color coaming bolsters

Routing Options

Routed edges are a custom feature that comes standard on most SeaDek kits. CNC machines route a beveled edge on all finished product to provide an aesthetically pleasing look and feel. Additionally, our CNC machines can be used to route through the top layer on any two color kit to expose the bottom color and create virtually any pattern desired. Logos may also be routed into the pad, but there are some limitations due to minimum size requirements. Contact customer service for more details.

Our most popular routing options:


SeaDek Routing patterns pinline

2 Inch Teak

SeaDek Routing patterns 2 inch teak

4 Inch Teak

SeaDek Routing patterns 4 inch teak


SeaDek Routing patterns hexagon


SeaDek Routing patterns fractal

Fish Scale

SeaDek Routing patterns fish scale

Triple Lamination

Triple Lamination is the ideal option for those looking to customize their SeaDek. This custom feature is created by laminating three 3mm SeaDek sheets together to create one 9mm pad. Triple Lamination can be created with any three colors from our extensive color library in any combination that you choose. This option also lends itself to added comfort due to its increased thickness.

SeaDek Triple Lamination Mocha Bahama Blue BlackSeaDek Laura Cason Triple Lamination Cool Gray Bahama Blue WhiteSeaDek Roswell Planet Nautique Triple Lamination Black Bahama Blue White

Designer Laser Patterning

SeaDek Designer Laser Patterning available colors

For more than a decade, SeaDek has led the marine industry with innovative alternatives to carpet and traditional molded-in non-skid. After introducing cutting-edge products such as multi-color laminations, new texture options, and the iconic PE/EVA faux-teak, SeaDek is proud to roll out yet another industry-first—Designer Laser Patterning.

Laser patterning allows for nearly infinite detail and produces a subtle yet distinctive appearance that lends itself to the sophisticated boats that define today’s market. Thanks to extensive research and design, and by harnessing new methods for applying advanced laser technology, SeaDek has once again redefined the way people connect with their boats.

Designer Laser Patterning is available with the following colors in a brushed texture: Olive Green, Bahama Blue, Bimini Blue, Cool Gray, Storm Gray, Smoke Gray, Dark Gray, Midnight Black, Cream, Camel, Mica, Terra, Cappuccino, Mocha, and Chocolate.

The Patterns

Brick 2Bubble1Bubble2Bubble3Cube
DiamondDiamond Plate 1Diamond Plate 2Diamond Plate 3Dogbone
EchoFaultlineFernFish ScaleFlow
GeoHatchet 1Hatchet 2Herringbone 1Herringbone2
ScaffoldScratchSpanish TileStone 1Stone 2
Stone3Travertine1Travertine2TreadWeave 1
Weave 2Weave 3Weave 4Weave 5Weave 6

Captain’s Series Fish Graphics

Put the finishing touch on your custom SeaDek kit with one of our Captain’s Series fish graphics! Based on the original artwork of Captain Stephen Ferrell and Geoff Chinn, these lifelike graphics feature innovative cutting techniques to bring out new detail in your favorite gamefish. With an Inshore, Offshore, and Pacific Northwest selection to choose from, there’s no better way to put your prey on Dek!

Please note that Captain’s Series Fish Graphics are available only on our brushed texture.

Inshore Series

SeaDek Captain's Series Fish Graphics BonefishSeaDek Captain's Series Fish Graphics Jack CrevalleSeaDek Captain's Series Fish Graphics Redfish
SeaDek Captain's Series Fish Graphics SnookSeaDek Captain's Series Fish Graphics Spotted SeatroutSeaDek Captain's Series Fish Graphics Tarpon


Offshore Series

SeaDek Captain's Series Fish Graphics CobiaSeaDek Captain's Series Fish Graphics DolphinSeaDek Captain's Series Fish Graphics Hog-Fish
SeaDek Captain's Series Fish Graphics TripletailSeaDek Captain's Series Fish Graphics TunaSeaDek Captain's Series Fish Graphics Grouper
SeaDek Captain's Series Fish Graphics MarlinSeaDek Captain's Series Fish Graphics SailfishSeaDek Captain's Series Fish Graphics Wahoo


Pacific Northwest Series

SeaDek Captain's Series Fish Graphics Dungeness CrabSeaDek Captain's Series Fish Graphics Chinook SalmonSeaDek Captain's Series Fish Graphics Coho Salmon


New Zealand Series

SeaDek Captain's Series Fish Graphics Broadbill SwordfishSeaDek Captain's Series Fish Graphics Freshwater TroutSeaDek Captain's Series Fish Graphics Mako Shark
SeaDek Captain's Series Fish Graphics New Zealand GroperSeaDek Captain's Series Fish Graphics New Zealand SnapperSeaDek Captain's Series Fish Graphics Yellowtail Kingfish

Static Laser Logos

Static Laser Logos are the perfect option for incorporating crisp logos and graphics into your SeaDek. This premium custom feature is virtually limitless when it comes to fine details and provides a sleek, modern finish.

Static Laser Logos are available with the following colors in a brushed texture: Olive Green, Bahama Blue, Bimini Blue, Cool Gray, Storm Gray, Smoke Gray, Dark Gray, Midnight Black, Cream, Camel, Mica, Terra, Cappuccino, Mocha, and Chocolate.

*Please note, Static Laser Logos are only available in sizes up to 11″ x 11″.


SeaDek static laser logos storm gray over bahama blueSeaDek Offshore Angler Static Logo Storm GraySeaDek static laser logo genuine seadek cool gray over bahama blue


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