Marine Detailing

We specialize in year round yacht maintenance and upkeep to your vessel. Starting with off season detailing from waterline up. it is very important to protect and up keep your investment to keep it from oxidizing from the harsh outside elements. We make this process stress free and easy with our certified trained staff. We are a First Class Facility.

Our standard process is a 3 step polishing process with the latest technology to remove light marring, scratches, oxidation in the gelcoat/paint. We seal this process with a polymer sealant to give you a lasting shine, hydrophobic protection and a sealed surface. We offer Exclusively weekly washes to our yearly detail customers to allow them more time on the water with there families. We perform mid summer details on our vessels to upkeep protection and ever lasting shine. We take extreme pride in our process and procedures ensuring our customers the best protection in the industry.

Hull Detailing, Topside Detailing, Interior Detailing, Gelcoat/Paint Correction, Stainless Polishing, Carpet Cleaning, Oxidation Removal, Decal Removal, Bilge Detailing, Teak Restoration, and more.